Lupita Nyong’o looking absolutely stunning for Dazed and Confused.



GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [10] favorite TV shows: Game of Thrones (2011)

You win or you die.



the beginning of a porn movie, probably


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 [8/10] characters: Granny



Swan Meme: [4/7] Outfits



do you think there’s a doorframe in Regina’s house

(the kitchen, maybe, the kitchen has always been important to her)

where there are little pencil marks that record Henry’s height on each of his birthdays

(starting from when he was one, and she has to rest one hand on his little round tummy while drawing the line over his head with the other hand because he just wants to go go go)

and from three onwards he always tries to stand on his tiptoes to make himself taller

and Regina just raises one eyebrow until he lowers himself down a little bit

(he’s pretending that he’s gone down all the way)

so she reaches out and tickles him

until he squeals and squeals and both heels hit the floor

and she get his measurement.

(and maybe there’s also one of Regina, because when Henry was four, he wanted to know why she didn’t do it too

he’s very serious about making her take off her shoes and stand up straight and then she holds him while he reaches over her head

and draws a little wobbly line

that gets “mommy” penciled in over it because that’s what he told her to write.)

do you think that can be a thing






#this ain’t a sidewalk this a catwalk 


I just wanted to win, for once.


welcome to the caribbean, love